The following frames were all created by Doris. 

Click on the picture of the frame to download the frame.

They are all in pfr format.  Just add them to your PSP 7 frames folder or to your PSP 8 Picture Frames Folder.


Gold Dual Frame

Pitted Gold Frame

Silver Filigree Frame

3 Layers of Gold

Blue Texture Frame

Gold Corners Frame

Gold Filigree Frame

Green Filigree Frame

Mosaic Gold Frame

Patchwork Frame

Pink Metallic Frame

Tiger Spots Frame

Porcelain and Silver Frame 1

Porcelain and Silver Frame 2


Pencil Frame

Blue Gradient Frame


These frames are for PSP 8.  They are in PspFrame format

These files are zipped






Tubes Frames Gradients Tutorials


Copyright 2003, 2004

Designs by Doris

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