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Illuminated Angel

By Doris C. Murphy

Angel picture

See 2 more done by Cindy below.

Supplies Needed:

JASC Paint Shop Pro Version 8 - get a trial version HERE
Angel Tube of your choice or get the one I used  HERE.

I do not know the origin of this tube.  I received it through a group to which I belong.  
If it is yours, please let me know so that I can acknowledge your authorship.  

This is a "quickie".  If you are not familiar with the tools in PSP8 this may be difficult to follow.

Open a new image 300 X 300, raster background, 16 million colors, transparent. 
Create a new layer.  

Flood Fill with the color you want to use.  I used #2C7DD8 light blue. 

Click on Effects>Illumination effects>Sunburst

Set the options on the screen as follows:

Color:       White
Light spot:  Brightness 100, Horizontal: 8, Vertical 7
Rays:         Density 100, Brightness 100
Circle:       Brightness = 0

Then Click OK      This is the background image. 

Open your Angel image.   Copy it and paste as a new image. Put the original away.  If necessary resize it to fit the background image you made.  I made mine a width of about 220 pixels and let the smart size change the height.  After you resize, sharpen.
Now copy the angel and paste into the background image as a new layer.   I left mine right there but you can move it wherever you want using the mover tool .  
Apply the illumination effect again....same settings     (Yes on the Angel)
If you prefer a smaller image, resize now.
Create a new layer.    Add a name.   Use the deformation tool to change the direction of the text if you like.  Add a drop shadow if you want.
If you wish to add a border like mine.   
Use the Selection tool, rectangle and choose a 10 pixel border inside the image.   Flood fill with a darker blue.  Then create an inner bevel.   I used these settings.   Color #5A6C9A, Bevel #1, Width 1, Smoothness 10, Depth 5, Ambience 0, Shininess 80, Angle 315, Intensity 25, Elevation 40.  

Then I added a drop shadow....Offset Vert=2, Horiz=2, Opacity=78, Blur=3, Color=Black.

Or do something of your own!

And you are done.



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