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Bold Text Motion Trail Tutorial

Created by Doris Murphy
August 5, 2003


Supplies Needed

Paint Shop Pro
Eye Candy 4000
Aspectrum gradient - download here
Calligrapher font - download here


Open a new image 300 X 300, 16 million colors, transparent background.

Click on the text tool.  Choose the Calligrapher font, size 72.

In the materials palette, set the foreground to the Aspectrum Gradient and the background to a solid color. 


Click on the text Tool   .  Set create as: to floating,  the font to Calligrapher, the size to 72 and the Stroke width to 1,  Anti-alias checked and Bold Clicked.
Place your name on the opened image but move it to the bottom of the canvas to make room for the motion trail.
Now click on Effects>Plugins>Eye Candy 4000 Choose the Motion Trail Filter
Set the following :

Direction - 87

Length - 293.37

Taper - 97

Opacity - 49

Smear Color from Edges checked

Once all the above are set, check the image and adjust as you like.   Then click OK.   Save your file.    You are Done.
Want to Animate the colors Quick and Easy way to animate is to rotate colors on the image.
  Open the image in PSP8.    Copy the image
  Open Animation Shop.    Paste as new animation
Click on Effects, Insert image effect Apply the rotate colors effect
Resize the animation if you like (Animation>resize animation>
  Save with the file name you like.

Get PSP - click here




Copyright 2003, 2004

Designs by Doris

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