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Animated Mr. Computer





Jasc Paint Shop Pro


The Supplies File which contains the PSP tube and the color swatch.  


Note, I did not make this tube and I don't know who did.    If you know, please email me and let me know so that proper credit can be given to that person.   Thank you to the person who made it.


Open the Mr.Computer psp file in Paint Shop Pro.  Because we will need a little more room on the image for the arm to move, we need to increase the canvas size.   Click on Image > Canvas Size.  Make the New Width and New Height 350.

You can type the number in or you can use the arrows to change the size.   

Under Image placement, Center image horizontally and Center image vertically should be checked.

When you have changed the numbers, Click OK.


Now we need to move the arm so that it is away from the little computer on the right side of the picture.

To start, Duplicate this layer 3 times.   (this gives us a couple of extra copies....just in case).

Close all the layers except the top one.  (to close the layers, click on the eye on the layers palette next to the layer you want closed.

Now Save.   Because this tube was not made by me, please leave the filename intact and add your initials at the beginning....   Example DCM_MrPuterGuy02_ptv.psp


Notice that the hand covers the back of the small computer on the right but when we move the hand away, the back of the computer will show so we need to fix that.

Set the freehand selection tool (also known as the lasso tool) as follows:  Selection type - point to point, Mode: replace, Feather - 0, Smoothing - 0, Anti Alias checked.


Note- Using point to point allows you to move the tool, stop then commence the selection without the selection closing until you are done.   When you have the selection completed, right click to close the selection






Select an area that includes all of the small computer.   I also included some of the adjacent computers.   These will be my landmarks for placement back onto the image.

Now copy the selection then paste as a new image.  This is a small image so click on the enlarge tool.  I clicked on the tool 3 times to give me a larger image to work on.

Again using the freehand selection tool, point to point, select the hand that is on the picture.  Get as close as possible to the edge of the hand.  When it is all selected, right click to close the selection.

Check to be sure you are on the top layer.

Press the delete key.


Here's what mine looked like after I deleted the selection

Now we need to fill the gap on the front of the computer.   Again using the freehand selection tool, point to point select the area that is the front edge of the computer.

Floodfill the selection with the green color   #DBE6C8

We need to build a side to the computer.  Again using the freehand selection tool, point to point, select an area to be the side of the computer.  See the example.  

Set the foreground color to Black, the background color to green(#DBE6C8)

Now change the foreground to Gradient and choose the Foreground to Background gradient.

Notice that the light color is at the top.  We need the darker color at the top, so click Invert.   

Using the floodfill tool         fill the selection with the gradient