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Here's what I did with this one to make it work in Animation Shop. It's not too difficult because there are only 3 frames to deal with.

1. Highlight the first frame called #3 in Doris's tut and then Edit/Copy. Then go to Animation Shop and right click on the work area and choose Paste as New Animation.

2. Back to PSP, highlight the next frame, #2, and Edit/Copy. Then in Animation click on the top (title bar) of the first fame you put in and right click. Choose "Paste After Current Frame" and the second frame will be placed.

3. Back to PSP, hightlight the next frame, #1, and Edit/Copy. Back to Animation Shop. use the slider bar at the bottom of your animation frames to make sure the second frame is now showing and highlight the top (title bar) and Paste the same as in Step 2.

Now you have all 3 frames. You can preview the animation and then save.

If you do it this way, you will not have to take the empty space away like in Doris's tut showing how to do that in animation shop because each layer is transparent so you will actually only be copying the actual graphic and not the background. (This may be confusing until you actually see it work.)