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  How to Get Started Using  the Trans Type Program


This is a very elementary tutorial on using the program.

Before you start create a folder to place the fixed files in .  I named mine FixedFonts.

Once the program is installed you click on the Trans Type program icon to start.

This screen will open up:

You will need to set the preferences


Click on the Preferences button.

Click on the Conversion Tab.

Because at this point I only want to Fix True type fonts I set everything to PC True Type 


Click OK

To add the files to convert, click on the + button.

This brings up the normal box to choose the folder


Now choose the files.   To select a range of files, click on the first one, then with the shift key held down, click on the last one.    If the files are not next to each other, you can click on the first one, then while holding the ctrl key, click on each filename.  Once they are selected, click on open.


This is the way they appear on the TransType2 screen.


Now click on the Convert button.   This screen will open to allow you to select the folder where the converted files will be placed.


Choose the folder, then click OK.


This is an example of the screen that appears during conversion


Once the conversion is finished, the little conversion screen goes away.   Everything stays the same on the Trans Type 2 screen.    

If you want to convert more fonts, you can clear the list on the screen by clicking on the button with the X on it.   Then repeat the above steps to convert.

If you are done, click on the door button and the program will close.


Hope this helps.    I'm sure that this program does a lot more than I have written here, but hopefully this will get you started.      If you have questions, you can email me.

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Created 7/14/2004