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    Fun with Text


This is a quick and easy way to create an unusual 
sig tag with just text.
Back in the 1950's this method was used to decorate
Men's handmade ties.




Supplies needed:    JASC Paint Shop Pro   get a trial copy    HERE

Ornate Fonts    I have zipped some up here for you.   FONTS 

 For a name with 5-8 characters (or less) Open a new file 350 X 350, transparent, 16 million colors.   If you name is longer you may need a larger Canvas or reduce the size of the text.



Set your foreground to any color.   Set your background color to white.  

Flood fill the background with the foreground color.  This is just so you can see the white text.  The reason for the white text is so that you can then decorate it as you want (gradient fill, pattern fill, apply a filter or other texture, etc.)    Now turn off the foreground color.

Click on the Text Tool  , then choose your font from the font list.  The size should be 72 or even 48 if your name is longer.  Choose create as Vector, Anti-alias checked, Bold, Alignment center.




NOTE -- The examples were created with the Font A & S Harlequin (included in the zip file)
Type your name and place it in the center of the canvas.

Rotate the name 90 degrees.


Place your cursor on or near the right arm in the center until you see the the two arrows.  Press and hold the left mouse button and rotate it right 90 degrees.  When you let go of the mouse button, the text will move.   

Create a new Raster Layer.  Now click on the text tool and place another copy of the name.

Click on Image, then mirror to mirror this layer of text.


Rotate this name the same as the last one.  Move it to the side a little so you can see it.

Now move the text to the left until the top is lined up and the lower case letters are touching.

You should have 3 layers.

Now click on the eye to turn off the bottom (background) layer.  Then select one of the Vector Layers, right click and merge visible.

Change the background color as you desire.


NOW Lets decorate.
Click on Selections>Select All, then Selections>Float.    This will select the whole pattern.  
Decide whether you want a gradient, pattern or what you want to decorate with a pattern or a filter.. Rainbow Gradient

Angle 45

Repeats 0

When saved as a jpg, the white background was added


Size 27, Smoothness 17, Depth 7, Ambience 0, Shininess 23, Color White, Angle 0, Intensity 30, Elevation 56.


This is the pattern with a Super Blade Pro Treatment applied.         this image flipped 
Now when you have the color, or other treatment applied we can finish the tag.  
Crop the image, leaving room on the right side for a name to added.

Add the  name with the font of your choice.  You may want to use another font for the name than the one you created the pattern with.  

Add a drop shadow to the name if you desire.
Add a tiny black border.  Image >Add Borders, symmetric checked, 2 pixels, color black.   (It will want to make it one layer...that's ok).  Then again Image >Add Borders, symmetric checked, 10 pixels, color white.   
Use the Magic Wand to select the white border and flood fill it with a gradient, texture or picture.  

The one I used on the red tag was one  that I had created called Red String.  (I just used the line tool, width 4, color red, Freehand, and squiggled and curled a pattern.) 

Then I used the Effects>Image Effects >Seamless tiling setting to create the seamless tile.)

Add a drop shadow... settings

Vertical  2
horizontal  2
opacity   100
Blur  2
Color Black.....   Then repeat the drop Shadow with the settings

Vertical  -2
horizontal  -2
opacity   100
Blur  2
Color Black


And there you have a simple easy sig tag.


  Here are some more examples:


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and have learned something from it.

This tutorial is was created and is copyrighted March,  2004 by Doris Carolyn Murphy

It is freely shared.... Just please don't sell it or claim it as your own.

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