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Frame from a Dingbat
 Sig Tag
created with PSP 8



     JASC Paint Shop Pro    
    You can download an evaluation copy here
     Super Blade Pro filter   
     download an evaluation copy here
Other supplies: 
      Brushed Gold blade pro preset  -  download from here       
      *Dingbat Font - Calligraphy1.ttf 
      *Andrea Cursive ES.ttf 
      * Image of your choice or use the one I used
      *Cloud tube 
      *Gradient -    HSD gradient 1
                               *(included in my supplies file)
  Download  the Supplies HERE

Ok let's begin

Open the 2 font files and minimize.  

Open the cloud tube and minimize or export it to your PSP tubes.

Copy the HSD gradient 1.psp to your gradients file

Add the Brushed Gold preset files to your Environment and Textures folder.

Open your image and minimize

You do not  need to install them.  As long as they are open, they are available to use in PSP.
Create a New image 500 x 500 with a  transparent background.
Set your  guide lines to  vertical- 250 Horizontal-250
To turn on your guides, click on View>Rulers, then on View> Guides.   Then to place your guides, place the cursor on the ruler, hold down the left mouse button and drag the guide to your image.
Set both your foreground color and background color to black. 
Select the Text Tool then choose the Calligraphy1 font and change the size to 300. Set your  stroke to 1.  


For this (and some others) font, the stroke makes the image for some letters.   If the stroke is not set to a number you will see this:

Click on the canvas


Type the lowercase L and place the top peak and bottom peak on guidelines.

Change the text size to 250.

Type the lowercase L and place it in about the center with top peak and bottom peak on the guidelines.  This does not have to be precise.

Deselect  (ctrl D)
Click on the Magic Wand tool.  Place the cursor anywhere on the black outline of the image and click to select it. This should select all of the black lines.
Now click on Selections> modify>expand-2 pixels.

(This places the selection 1 pixel on each side of the outline.)

Flood fill with white

Note -  I chose to do this instead of just setting the stroke to 3 pixels, because of the appearance of the gold after the preset was applied.   Try it either way and see what you like.

Apply the SBP preset D_brushed gold.


You should now have something similar to this.

Save. If you desire, you can export this to your picture frames.
On the layer palette, rename the layer to frame.  
Create a new  layer naming it sky.

Click on Layers>Arrange> send to bottom.

In the materials palette, locate the  HSD gradient1.

Being sure that the sky layer is highlighted, Flood Fill the layer with the gradient

In the layers palette, highlight the Frame layer.  
Using the Magic Wand tool, click somewhere outside the frame.  
Click on Selections> modify> expand> 1 pixel


This assures that the sky doesn't "peek" out from under the frame.
In the layers palette, highlight the Sky layer, then press the delete key.     The sky should now be only inside the frame.
Create a new layer, naming it Clouds.  
Using the clouds tube, place clouds all across the bottom of the frame. It should also extend beyond the frame and be visible.

Hiighlight the Frame layer.  
Using the Magic Wand tool, click somewhere outside the frame.  
Click on Selections> modify> expand> 1 pixel This assures that the clouds don't "peek" out from under the frame.
Highlight the cloud layer and press the delete key.  
If you want to blur the clouds a little more, click adjust>blur>blur   
Open the angel image and make any size adjustments needed.  
Click on Edit>Copy  
Now right click on the top of the frame image you are making.
Click on Edit>Paste> As New Layer The image will be pasted into the center of the canvas.  You can use the Mover tool to rearrange them if you desire.
Using the Crop tool, crop to the edges of the frame.  
Resize if you desire.  
Save as a PSP image. If you save this as a PSP image you can re-use it with different components at a later time.
Create a New Layer- Name it text (or the name you will apply to the tag)  
Click on the Text Tool  
Select the Andrea Cursive ES font or font of your choice. Select the font size.   I used 48
Set the background color to the color of your choice.  I used #37457F  
Place the name where you want it on the picture.  
If you need to, use the deformation tool to move the text where you want it. (You will lose the selection when you do this.)    
Once the text is where you want it, add a drop shadow if desired.  
Click Selections> select all    thenSelections>Float   then
Selections> Defloat
The settings I used for the drop shadow were:

Vertical and Horizontal - 2
Opacity 67
Blur 2

Save as a psp file with your layers intact.  
Save again as a jpg file for use as a sig tag.



I hope you have enjoyed doing this tutorial and maybe learned something along the way.  Below are more examples.



This tutorial is was created and is copyrighted September, 2004 by Doris Carolyn Murphy

It is freely shared.... Just please don't sell it or claim it as your own.

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