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    Clear Glass Vase

This is created entirely with filters.

This tutorial is entirely my own creation.  Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental.

The outline image was created by me using PSP Vectors.


SUPPLIES:  The original vase image.     

This tutorial was designed in PSP 8 but can easily be done in PSP 7. 

Lets create!!

Open the DCMvaseoutline.psp file.  It is in psp format but was saved to be used in PSP 7 also.  Notice that it is in two layers.  

Save this file with a new filename such as yournameclearvase.psp.  (Now the original image is still there should you need to use it again.)

With the bottom layer active and using the  Magic Wand tool  , select inside the black outline of the vase.

 Using the flood fill tool    flood fill with white.

Deselect. (Ctrl D)


Using the Magic Wand tool  select the black outline.  


Now hit the delete key to remove the black outline.

Deselect. (Ctrl D)

Duplicate this image 2 times.    

Rename these layers Cutout 1 and Cutout 2.

Make the Cutout 1 layer active.   Click on Effects>3DEffects>Cutout

Use the following settings:

Vertical 15
Horozontal 11
Opacity 50
Blur 20
Shadow Color Black

Fill interior with color UNCHECKED

Note that the white color is gone from this image.   That's ok.  That's why we made a separate layer for the cutouts.

Make the Cutout 2 layer active.   Click on Effects>3DEffects>Cutout

Use the following settings:

Vertical   -15  (minus 15)
Horozontal   -11  (minus 11)
Opacity 50
Blur 20
Shadow Color Black

Fill interior with color UNCHECKED


Make your Lines layer active.  We will blur these.  Click on Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur and set it at 13.    SAVE


The image should look something like this... Not clear is it?   We'll fix that.

On your Layer palette you have opacity sliders on each layer.   Slide them to 50 on each layer.  (Feel free to move these wherever you like.)

Now you should have a nice clear Vase.

SAVE.    You need to keep this as a psp file.  That way when you want to place it on a flower picture so the stems will show through, you can duplicate the image, merge all visible layers and copy and paste it in the other picture.

You can also make a Picture Tube with it. (merge visible then export as a picture tube) Then you can change the size to any you want.

Want one that is a color or pattern but still clear?

Duplicate the bottom layer, make it active, select it with the magic wand, then flood fill with any color or pattern.  See my examples below. 

 Because you are duplicating a layer that is set to be on 50% opaque, this one will automatically be set to be 50% opaque.


Lt pink color

Lt aqua color

glitter gold pattern

Ltblues gradient

Fairy Dust pattern

Another gold pattern

Here's an example of putting the vase on
a picture of a bouquet of flowers. 


This was the white one but notice that you can see the background through the vase


Here's an example  with a patterned background. The Fairy Dust pattern had to be applied 3 times in order for it to show up.

The fairy dust and the gold pattern are some  I created.  


If you would like to download these patterns, they are 






Copyright 2003, 2004

Designs by Doris

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